Saturday, July 9, 2016

Working As a Team

So... a father/daughter writing team - how does that work, you ask?

We've been writing our book for many years, and it has taken some trial and error to figure out how to work together well. Even now our system is still changing, and the day-to-day routine also depends on what aspect of the project we're working on.

We completed our first draft in April, 2016.

We met regularly for many many months creating a detailed outline of our story. Then in November 2015 we took the Nanowrimo challenge and got serious about banging out a first draft. We decided who would write which chapters and we just wrote.

After giving draft one a month or so to cool off, we each read it and made notes - where we thought the writing was too thin, or too wordy, or where things didn't match up properly from chapter to chapter - all the obvious stuff.

Each chapter now goes through a four-step process as we revise.

1. We each add our notes to the master copy (which we keep in Scrivener). Often we do this together so we can discuss as we go, and we make a plan, when necessary, for how to address any big problems.

2. Evalyn takes a first whack at fixing all the notes.

3. I take a second whack at the chapter as a whole. Often I'm trying to squeeze three chapters into two, or lengthen a chapter that started off pretty sketchy.

4. I read what I've got back to Evalyn and we fix anything she feels like I missed or messed up.

Right now we are half-way through draft two. It's very exciting to see our story come to life as we fill in missing details and bring all the moving parts into working harmony. It's starting to sound like a real novel to me!

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